Retail as a Career

The Warehouse Group is playing a leadership role promoting Retail as a career in New Zealand and ensuring it is a desirable career choice.

We are aware of the common misperceptions about our industry and we are leading our industry to change these. Perceptions such as: Retail is poorly paid, it's boring and it's not a real career. These perceptions simply are not true!

The Warehouse Group is working with industry bodies, universities and with our own Team Members to help people understand what a great career retail is. While doing this we are also ensuring that The Warehouse Group and its brands such as The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Torpedo 7 and Noel Leeming are employers of choice by presenting people with the opportunity to grow and develop while being rewarded for their choice to have their career with us.

Improving perceptions of retail as a career has always been important for The Warehouse Group, but in 2013 the business decided to further invest and create strategy to drive retail as a career. Some of the initiatives that we are working on are:

  • We have partnered with Massey University to develop and launch the Bachelor in Retail and Business Management Degree.
  • We have built a Retail Learning Centre at our Store Support Office in Auckland which will become a centre of excellence for developing New Zealand's best retailers and retail leaders
  • Our Team Members receive the Career Retailer Wage which recognises the skills and experience of team members who have completed all of their training and given more than 5000 hours or five years service in our stores (and in other operational roles in the Group e.g. wholesale, fulfilment.) The Career Retailer Wage demonstrates that developing your skills as a retailer is a career pathway that builds your skills and your earning prospects.
  • Retail is responsible for over 258,000 jobs in NZ 11.8% of the entire New Zealand workforce works in retail.
  • Since 2007 and the Global Financial Crisis, the number of roles in retail has remained steady. Retail is a stable employment choice that offers a great platform to build a career.

Retail is undergoing some exciting changes. Advancements in shopping online and through mobile devices, the ability for customers to buy products from anywhere in the world and significant investments in logistics make retail a challenging and dynamic sector to be involved in. These developments create new business opportunities and create new career choices for people working in retail.

Our goal is to show people what we know - that anyone can develop an exciting and lucrative career working in the retail sector. The Warehouse Group is leading the way in promoting this message. We want talented people with the right stuff to aspire to join us and build their careers with us