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A diverse group on a mission to be the best

We believe that New Zealand is the most epic outdoor playground in the world. We believe that the only thing that hurts more than biking is not biking.

We believe in riding up hills and going flat out down snow-capped mountains. We believe waking up in a tent brings you one step closer to nature, to yourself and others. We believe that when you are carving a turn of hitting that jump its about finding your edge.

We believe that sharing moments with others outside is an adventure multiplied, a relationship fortified, a memory set for life. We believe that you get 'out there' to get closer to who you are and not just to a pin on a map.

We believe that nature keeps you balanced, and that your path to freedom is outdoors. We believe that sore muscles on Monday tell your stores - about where you've been and how much further you can go. We believe the explorer in you will never be done.

A team you can trust

We know that the time you spend outside is precious, so we are here to help you squeeze the most out of that time. We are here to help you by equipping you with the best gear possible whatever your budget. We have the knowledge to help you get the most out of it, and are approachable enough to share that knowledge.

We'll bring you the gear that best suits your needs, whatever your level and whatever your passion.