‘House of Bargains’ and ‘Home of Essentials’

The Warehouse has continued to extend our range of quality products at leading every day low pricing. Customer feedback has been very positive and has helped to underpin our role in their regular shopping experience.

In addition, we have maintained the excitement through the many successful in-store events that are now part of the DNA of the Red Sheds. Record performance was achieved in Christmas, Fireworks, Back to School and Toy events during the year. The success of both of our everyday ranges along with these events, has helped our customers to ‘get that Bargain feeling’ in all that we do.

‘Click and Collect’ and ‘Endless Aisles’ are now well established in the business

‘Customer shopping experience continues to evolve’

‘Click and Collect’ and ‘Endless Aisles’ are now well established in the business as part of our core strength, underpinning our strong digital capability.

Customers continue to expect more from us as their time and budget are limited. To this end, we remain committed on progress to ensure that we help our customers to be able to find the right product, regardless of the channel through which they choose to shop. By means of our significant global sourcing capability both in China and expanding into other markets, we continue to drive an increased level of direct sourcing in order to deliver products at the best price while maintaining control on quality. As new ranges become available in store, feedback has been very encouraging to date.