‘Looking forward’

Helping New Zealand families flourish

Although 2017 will inevitably bring about challenges to trading, we are delivering on our strategies to operate a sustainable business, while delivering strong results to our many stakeholders. We will continue to help New Zealand families flourish, making the desirable affordable.

We continue to respond to customer feedback as to the shopping experience with the Red Sheds and are committed to evolving our store look and feel to enable us to stay relevant as a retailer of choice for New Zealanders. Our store network continues to be refreshed, with replacement stores opened in both Rangiora and Kaitaia during the year.

The lower level of investment required, along with strong cost and working capital management, will, we believe, result in improving operating leverage.

The Warehouse - Brand Strategy

Simplify and curate assortment to deliver clear range and price architecture for customers

Buying better through dynamic sourcing and an increased emphasis on design values

Focus on price and
kick-starting the

Develop a more effective operating model to reduce complexity, reshape our P&L, and reduce CODB

Increase our participation of EDLP through our Home of Essentials proposition- moving our business to 50% EDLP in 3 years

Build digital technology
and capabilities to lead in
e-commerce and grow new revenue streams

Reconfiguring use of space