Products and services

Products and services

Product range assortment with innovation and newness has been critical to the success of the year.

‘Fashionery’ and a resurgence in writing, as well as a focus on key business essentials, have led to increased core stationery sales. We have added a teenager-focused range, ‘Banter’, to our existing fashionery offer of ‘Kookie’ and ‘Uniti’ which has resulted in good sales growth.

In Technology a key highlight has been the extension of brands and range of accessories, which included the introduction of iPhone, Huawei and wearable technology.

The addition of adult colouring to the Art and Craft range generated strong sales growth. A highlight was the production of our own book which included artwork from our many passionate and talented customers. We have had great fun holding Art and Craft evenings in our stores enabling our customers to learn about new products and become creative with our teams and suppliers.

Furniture continues to be a key reason our customers visit our stores and the selection of contemporary ranges for home offices and study spaces has been received well.

In addition, our business customers have enjoyed the opportunity of bespoke furniture options.

We have continued to see high levels of customer engagement with our Print and Copy Centres contributing yet another year of double-digit growth. We have seen business customers appreciating the additional services provided, such as personalised stationery and promotional signage, and creative customers relishing the many additional ways to produce their own artwork. A key driver in this area has been the addition of the popular ‘Printicular’ app which allows customers to print photos from their phones.