Store Network

‘Store Network’

Our customers enjoy the easy, fast and friendly experience that they receive in our stores.

We have continued to invest in our physical network, opening two new stores, one in Queenstown and the other at Westgate in Auckland. We also trialled a Pop-Up store during Back to School in Taranaki with great learnings.

Sadly, due to the closure of the Downtown shopping mall in the city of Auckland we closed our Downtown store. However, pleasingly, most of our customers continue to shop with us in the Victoria Street store in the Auckland CBD.

In addition, we refreshed four of our existing stores and continued to add inspiration to the interior of our shops to ensure we provide ongoing unique shopping experiences.

We do know our customers need to be able to shop with us any time they like and the launch of our new website, which includes inspirational ideas for shoppers, made that even easier this year.


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