The Warehouse Group and Kiwi Communities

– Our brands’ commitment to the community

Our vision is to help communities throughout New Zealand to flourish and to contribute to a more sustainable country and planet. All businesses within The Warehouse Group share this commitment and the last financial year has seen continuing evolution of each brand’s activities.

The relationships we have with many of our community partners have grown well beyond that of purely fundraising to deliver better outcomes for thousands of New Zealanders. Collectively we have worked with over 800 charities and community organisations from Kaitaia to Invercargill to help them assist the most vulnerable New Zealanders.

Thanks to company contributions and the continuing engagement and generosity of our customers and suppliers, we raised and distributed $4,712,740 during the financial year. We have also developed a bolder environmental strategy to reflect our responsibilities in this area, the results of which will be evident over the coming years

The Warehouse Group:

The Warehouse Group’s annual Gala Dinner is a highlight of our community programme. Each year, funds from the dinner are used to support a major social programme facilitated by one or more of our community partners. In 2015, more than $725,000 was raised on the night for a joint project, ‘Kiwi Next Generation’, between The Salvation Army and Variety – The Children’s Charity.

This two-year programme has been designed to address a group of people who were not finding success in existing programmes. It involves over 700 young people, aged 16 to 18 years by drawing on the skills and experience that the two leading charities bring to the table – specifically Variety’s Nurturing and Well-being Programme and The Salvation Army’s Education and Employment Programme.

Kiwi Next Generation integrates education, training or employment programmes suited to participants with wrap around support, mentoring and other services. This maximises the likelihood that each young person will complete the programme and attain further education or employment, enabling them to move to their next step of development.