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Supplier Support

Supplier Support

TWG Distribution Centre Bookings System (C3 Reservations)

The Warehouse Group has recently implemented an online booking system that enables suppliers and carriers to initiate their own bookings.

The new system enables synchronising booking requests with dock availability, automated communication to all supply chain partners and the ability to measure the performance of the supply chain.

The system enables suppliers and carriers to initiate their own bookings, plan and select available booking slots, obtain instant booking confirmations and automated booking confirmations avoiding the need to email or phone to coordinate.

Most carriers have now been onboarded and we invite all suppliers and other parties not yet using this system to contact our team at [email protected]

They will receive:

  1. The URL
  2. User ID
  3. Temporary Password
  4. User guide

Following is a number of easy to follow videos that will support you with the new application:

Getting started

This video covers the technical requirements to use C3 (HINT - You just need a broadband internet connection plus a current internet browser), how to log on, how to change your screen theme and how to swap between Mobile and Desktop layouts.

Home Page Overview

What you will see when you open C3 and how to navigate to the main functions to create and amend your bookings.

Requesting a Booking

Once you log on, how to navigate the booking schedule and how to request a booking.

Booking Exceptions

Sometimes you may need to change a booking or combine two or more bookings to optimise transport opportunities (why send two trucks when you can combine your deliveries in to one truck at one time). Watch this video to learn how to change bookings and get the best out of C3.

Company Management

How to manage YOUR company setup in C3 including how to set up users and link Suppliers to Carriers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get an error message when I try to make a booking for tomorrow. Why is this?
The system is configured that the next days shift will be locked from 3pm the previous day. This is to enable our operations team to prepare for the next day’s deliveries.

What is the difference between PREPARING and REQUESTING a booking?
Suppliers can “PREPARE” a booking to workflow the delivery to the carrier of choice to confirm the date and time of the booking, while the “REQUEST” option *is an option available to both supplier and carriers to make a booking when the time and date options are known.

Why can’t I see my suppliers purchase order?
Suppliers can “PREPARE” a booking to workflow the delivery to the carrier of choice. If a supplier has only 1 carrier per site, then TWG can set up a rule that all the Purchase orders can be pushed to this carrier.

Why can’t I see a courier option in the POs tab?
Courier bookings can be made from the green NEW RESERVATIONS button. The fields a freeform and not tied to a system generated purchase order.

What does it mean if there is limited availability in the booking slots?
The Tool has identified that a constraint has been violated. This will create a task to be approved by the TWG schedulers to determine whether the constraint can be accepted, else booking will be rejected, and a new available timeslot needs to be selected.

What time slots is the best for courier deliveries for the South Island DC?
The South Island DC only accepts courier bookings between 1pm and 2:30pm on a weekday.