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Our Business Strategy

Our purpose is to ‘Make Kiwi Lives Better’ through technology.

To do this we will have the right product at the right price, with passionate people providing expert service, together with leading services. These are the pillars of our business – stated simply: Passionate Experts and End-to-End Service.

Our business strategy has six key result areas:

1. Understanding and delighting our customers

It’s our desire to ensure that all stores deliver a unique and memorable customer experience. Many of our stores include a Tech Solutions and Open Learning Centre area, a Built-in Cooking Centre and a Connected Solutions Zone.

We are continuing to improve our customer experience with the launch of myNoelLeeming. This is enabling us to personalise the experience we provide to customers. Operating in parallel with our Fly Buys offering, we believe we will be understanding and delighting customers even further in the year ahead.

2. The authority on products

It’s important to us that we continue to be ‘The Authority’ on products. We will be first to market with new products and technology based on the strong relationships we have with our suppliers. We will offer our customers the best product knowledge available.

Supporting this authoritarian position is our deeper understanding of our customers through myNoelLeeming, including their preferences of product categories.

We continue to focus on categories where we have a lower-than-average market share such as in built-in cooking.

3. Passionate experts

We continue to develop our ‘passionate experts’ that deliver end-to-end service propositions to our customers. Our focus on capability and learning is reinforced through continued industry recognition of our store teams at the Wares awards with multiple nominations across categories.

In conjunction with our suppliers, we have an ongoing programme of product knowledge development for our passionate experts. In the year ahead we will be placing emphasis on specialist areas such as Connected Solutions, Tech Solutions and the Open Learning Centre to further develop the knowledge and expertise of these team members.

We continue to focus on delivering an effective Health and Safety culture, ensuring our team members remain safe in all that they do.

4. Commercial

Our Commercial business continues to grow strongly. We maintain our focus on utilising our resources in different business sectors such as building, hospitality, education, aged care and government. We will continue to build our Commercial business in the year ahead with an emphasis on understanding and delighting our commercial customers.

Our commercial services offering provided by Maclean Technology remains a key differentiator for us going forward.

5. Services

Our Tech Solutions offering (Set Up, Install, Deliver and Repair) and our Open Learning Centre (Learn, Discover, Connect and Share) will continue to provide us with competitive advantage in the coming year. Emphasis will be placed on growing awareness of the services we offer and ‘connecting’ with our customers. We will ‘add value’ to our customers in our stores and when visiting their home or business premises. We intend to expand our services business while maximising the ‘halo’ effect of these services in our wider business.

6. Productivity

We will continue to focus on the key resources our business has in inventory, space, labour and promotion, ensuring we are productive in each area. Management of our cost of doing business will remain key to our overall profitability.