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14 February 2021 | Sustainability

Sustainably helping our community

An excellent way to reduce our impact on the environment is buying and using eco-products. The Warehouse is making it easier for customers to do this, and give back to the community through its bag sales.

Eco-products are sustainable items that have minimal impact on the environment. For some families, the cost of buying sustainably can be challenging; making it hard to reduce environmental impact when on a budget.

Increasingly, our customers are having peace of mind knowing they can buy affordable sustainably sourced products at the same time as having an opportunity to support their local communities.

In 2009 we were the first retailer in the country to introduce a charge for single-use plastic bags at our checkouts. The intention was to reduce plastic, but, for those that wanted a bag, proceeds from the sale were given to local communities to support community organisations; from kids' sports teams to food banks, disability support services and many other grassroots community organisations.

In 2018, The Warehouse Group stores ditched single use plastic bags altogether, which coincided with the government's proposed legislation to ban single-use plastic checkout bags. In that move, customers were offered reusable bags for purchase, with bag proceeds continuing to go to communities.

Today the Group offers only reusable bags at its checkouts in over 250 stores across New Zealand.

Thanks to the reusable bag sales in the past two years, over $2million has been raised for community groups.

We want to say thanks to our customers for such an effort and we're looking forward to continuing this journey with our partners; to help charities and local communities across the country.

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