14 June 2018 | Wellness

TWG’s smoking policy puts wellness first

TWG’s smoking policy puts wellness first

This is no puff piece!

The Warehouse Group has stepped up to stub out smoking at all of its properties because we believe we have not only the opportunity but the responsibility to support our team members in living better, healthier lives. =The Ministry of Health has a goal of a smokefree Aotearoa in 2025 and we’re excited to share some details of how we’re equipping our people to meet that goal in recognition of the important role we play in New Zealanders’ lives as an employer and as a community partner.

The MoH has three main objectives for tobacco control. These are reductions in smoking initiation, an increase in New Zealanders quitting smoking, and reducing exposure to secondhand smoke. Our smokefree policy, which applies to anyone on any of our sites, is absolutely focused on the MoH’s objectives. We are choosing to show strong corporate leadership for our team members and their families, so our policy covers the use of tobacco as well as modern smoking alternatives including e-cigarettes and vaping equipment.

Of course, there’s more to our action than the onsite use policy. We understand that smoking is an addiction and we have support available for team members who want to break the habit. This includes making sure team members have access to regional support services contracted to MoH, and Quitline. We are also supporting team members seeking medical aid by funding the prescription fee for Nicotine Replacement Therapy, which typically includes patches, gum, and lozenges.

TWG is a also proud promoter of smokefree initiatives by regional service providers, including Smokefree Day and Stoptober, which help us to shine a light on the health and wellbeing of our team members. We are here to help make New Zealanders’ lives better. By taking a responsible lead on wellness in our company and in our communities, we are working to help make New Zealanders’ lives healthier as well.

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