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02 November 2020 | Community

The Warehouse launches 'The Period Portal'

As part of a new initiative to help tackle Period Poverty in New Zealand, The Warehouse has partnered with The Period Place to offer a new educational hub on aimed at reducing the stigma associated with periods.

Every day the shame around periods and a shortage of resources stop people in New Zealand from living their lives, so we’ve come together to arm communities with the right information to understand and manage periods with confidence and dignity.

The Period Portal has been developed as a place where Kiwis can go to learn more about periods, period poverty in New Zealand and make a donation to help provide period products and educational resources to Kiwis in need.

Chief Product Officer at The Warehouse, Tania Benyon, says “We’re proud to be partnering with The Period Place to provide a platform where New Zealanders can go to find more information, build their knowledge, feel empowered and support one another”.

The Period Place works at the critical intersection of menstruators and their needs by creating sustainable change for them, their whānau, and their communities through three pillars: Conversation, Education, Access. Their mission is to make Aotearoa the first country in the world to achieve period equity, by 2030.

Here in New Zealand, research on school students around the country has underscored the issue of period inequity faced by many of our most vulnerable communities. It’s important to educate everyone in society about periods, whether they get one or not, especially pre-adolescents – and their key influencers, including family, religious leaders.

The Period Place Co-founder and CEO Danika Revell says, “This partnership shows a genuine commitment from The Warehouse to support our vision to eliminate period poverty from Aotearoa by 2030”.

Tackling Period Poverty might seem like a small issue compared to the number of issues faced by New Zealanders, but if we can level the playing field by providing a place that people can go to for more information and to donate period products, the results could be significant.

The Period Place has created the Period Inequity Ladder - a model of change that shows where every person who gets a period in Aotearoa currently sits and provides a means to understand who needs help, and how.

If we work together, we’ll be able to reach hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders experiencing period poverty.

Whether that be enabling children to leave the house and go to school to focus on their education or adults being able to go to work, together, we’re helping them gain the confidence of knowing they have the right products and knowledge to manage their periods.

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