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21 June 2021 | Community

The Warehouse pledges a quarter of a million dollars to help Kiwi kids exposed to family violence

New research from Women’s Refuge commissioned by The Warehouse has revealed that children exposed to family violence are far from passive passengers in their mother's journey. The new report has highlighted key areas which help create a sense of belonging for children in Women's Refuge’s care.

Throughout The Warehouse’s Mega Toy Month event in stores and online, The Warehouse will be donating up to $250,000 of the proceeds from every toy sold to support Kids in the Middle – a programme focused on building kid-focused pathways at Women's Refuge.

Chief Product Officer at The Warehouse Group, Tania Benyon, hopes the proceeds will positively contribute to the wellbeing of the children when faced with leaving an unsafe home.

"We're extremely proud to be working with Women's Refuge to help reduce family violence, and hope the proceeds from this Mega Toy Month can provide greater and more tailored support to help children feel safe and find comfort at Refuge".

The proceeds from The Warehouse's Mega Toy Month will fund the creation of kid-friendly spaces in 40 Refuges around the country and a welcome video that educates kids on the Refuge environment they are entering. It will also fund the launch of a kids' advocacy programme - a Refuge-run accreditation programme that will provide child-tailored resources and training to an initial 80 support workers.

Children interviewed for the report expressed the daunting process of transitioning into Refuge and their wish for the environment to cater to their needs to find comfort, cope, and experience safety.

Women's Refuge Chief Executive, Dr Ang Jurys, is grateful for the ongoing partnership with The Warehouse and their support of the work Refuge does.

"We are excited to see the kids' visions come to life with help from The Warehouse and their Mega Toy Month donations. A big thank you to the entire The Warehouse team and their amazing customers all over Aotearoa for making our mahi easier with your generosity."

Mega Toy Month runs from 30 June – 27 July at The Warehouse stores across the country and online.

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