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Warehouse Stationary in the Community

National Partnerships

Warehouse Stationery’s national partnership with The Salvation Army continues to flourish

Our partnership with The Salvation Army helps communities in a number of ways. Many families find ‘back to school’ a real struggle to make ends meet with all the financial demands that occur and our funds help make this time a little easier for many thousands of people.

Our funding also enables several ‘Aspire’ programmes to operate across the country helping youth who are struggling to cope with the demands of society by providing them with practical life skills and reinforcing their self-belief. Learn more about the Aspire programme.

Working with The Salvation Army, Warehouse Stationery has also established the Warehouse Stationery Scholarship scheme which has funded four young people from across New Zealand to enable them to undertake tertiary education qualifications over a multi-year time frame. The number of scholarships offered will increase to a minimum of 10 over the coming three years.

Learn more about the national partnerships that Warehouse Stationery works with as part of The Warehouse Group here.